Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LOST Eyelander

This piece has been in the works for a long time, but could only be unveiled now that the show has opened. It was a very hush-hush affair! Gallery 1988 contacted me a while back with an irresistibly secretive invitation to participate in a show-- no details except that it involved custom toys & had something to do with an ABC tv show. I said yes mainly because my curiosity was piqued, but when I actually got the show information, I could hardly believe my luck.

You see, I don't watch tv much at all (in fact I don't have one that works) but I'd heard so much about LOST that I'd checked it out on Hulu & I was seriously hooked! How's that for an amazing coincidence? I thought it was downright LOSTworthy!

The LOST Underground Art Project at Gallery 1988 in LA. 15 through 24 December 2009. Acrylic, text, maps & gold leaf on resin statue (statue provided by the gallery).  (A news report on the show.) SOLD

Please click to see details, & forgive the focus issues... it's hard to get a good scan of a 3d object! p.s. This is just one statue-- the four views are so you can see all the details.

EDIT: For those who are coming here in 2012 from Illustration Friday, the show is long past, but I couldn't resist posting this for the LOST prompt!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Magical Music

This is my first illustration for an upcoming picture book, The Old Man and the Cat, by Anthony Holcroft, to be published in 2011 by Penguin NZ. I've decided to post some of the illustrations here rather than creating a separate blog for them. They will not be in order, but rather haphazard as is my nature!

In this image the old man has just discovered that the flute he carved has the power to summon birds and other creatures.

Acrylic on text (including diagrams, illustrations, and musical notation) and maps on canvas, 9"x12"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Old" & News

This is a very old illo, one I did over 10 years ago for Cricket magazine. But in addition to fitting the "skinny" prompt, it's related to some wonderful news!

The story this illustrated was "The Old Man and the Cat," by Anthony Holcroft. I've always loved this gentle, yet dramatic tale, so I was thrilled when Anthony asked me if I would be interested in doing illos for a picture book version of the story! It is to be published by Penguin New Zealand (Anthony is a New Zealand author).

I'm thinking about setting up a blog for the book & posting some of the illos, which will be done in the collage & acrylics of my more recent work, but with characters based on the original Cricket illos.

Watercolor and colored pencil on paper, about 3.5"x6"

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've been working on this piece on & off for nearly a month in between deadlines... just like this poor creature I'm desperately eager to get moving, but my progress is oh so s l o w...
if only we were both better adapted for speed.

Acrylic on text (from Steele's Fourteen Weeks in Physics, 1878) & star map (from 1906 Chambers's Encyclopaedia) on canvas, 12"x12" Please click for details.

Shellbound will be in my upcoming show at the Block Gallery (Hargett Street, Raleigh NC) 4 June-28 July. It's called Picturing the Fantastic & includes 22 pieces of mine as well as the wonderfully weird work of Tisha Edwards Weddington. Her paintings are HUGE while mine will be accompanied by magnifying glasses (really!)-- I think the contrast adds a delightfully vertiginous Wonderland effect. Thanks to Sarah Blackmon for putting this together!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Running Slowly

The dodo: a fleeting presence on this planet, but apparently not very fleet of foot.

According to my trusty 1878 Chambers's Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge, "The birds were easily killed, being wholly unable to fly, and running slowly. Their speedy extinction after the islands began to be visited and settled, is thus easily accounted for."

Maybe it was the shoes?

Acrylic on text & map of Mauritius, 4x5"

Friday, April 3, 2009

Victor's Victim

Acrylic on text (definitions of victim & victor from an old dictionary) on Victor brand rat trap.

We actually bought the trap late last Summer when hordes of enormous rats invaded our neighborhood (after the closing of the local pizza place & consequent dearth of dumpster delights).

I just couldn't bring myself to use it for its intended purpose. I thought about live traps, but then what??? So I quit composting food scraps instead... it seemed to discourage them, at least temporarily... but they're seasonal, right? (Squirm...)

Anyway, one day as I was contemplating the trap & wondering if I was a hopeless softy, I realized what I really wanted to do with it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Barking of Trees

In the winter I always find myself looking at bark... none of the usual colorful distractions! I love its strange (& intricate) contours & crevices.

I'm not quite so fond of barking dogs, but one appeared in my sketchbook one day growing out of a dogwood stump, & I just felt like painting it.

Browsing an 1878 encyclopedia for text to use in the background, I was thrilled to discover instructions for the barking of trees! The phrase actually refers to the harvesting of bark, but the article gave me both background & title for this painting.

Acrylic on text on canvas, 9x12"-- please click for details.

Oh! I almost forgot. This piece will be at the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh. I'm one of the featured artists in the Exchange gallery for March. I'll be at the opening on Friday the 6th (First Friday).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Escape Artist

This is one of my very first "curiollages" from a couple of years back. I turned to this crafty art form after a long stretch of working digitally, out of frustration with the coldness of the computer. I remain entranced by the amazing possibilities of Photoshop, but after doing nothing else for a while, I was desperate for the tactile pleasures of stuff. So this is a sort of self portrait (yes, my torso is actually a used up paint tube! You didn't know?) showing my climb back onto the paintbox & away from the computer monster. (He's made from an old disk & a circuit board, plus paint & polymer clay, with a bit more electronica thrown in there...) Please click for a closer view.

Polymer clay, acrylic, collage & found objects on stretched canvas, 5"x10"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beginning & End

You may think the new year has just begun, but according to Visions Art Gallery, it's already the end.

My painting "Last Ride" is part of their show "This is the End: Tales of the Apocalypse." Nice timing to show this piece again, as we bid farewell to Cowboy George!

Oops. Sorry I'm a bit late posting this... the opening was yesterday. It will be showing through 6 February. Visions Art Gallery, Medway, Massachusetts, 508-533-1369.