Sunday, January 25, 2009

Escape Artist

This is one of my very first "curiollages" from a couple of years back. I turned to this crafty art form after a long stretch of working digitally, out of frustration with the coldness of the computer. I remain entranced by the amazing possibilities of Photoshop, but after doing nothing else for a while, I was desperate for the tactile pleasures of stuff. So this is a sort of self portrait (yes, my torso is actually a used up paint tube! You didn't know?) showing my climb back onto the paintbox & away from the computer monster. (He's made from an old disk & a circuit board, plus paint & polymer clay, with a bit more electronica thrown in there...) Please click for a closer view.

Polymer clay, acrylic, collage & found objects on stretched canvas, 5"x10"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beginning & End

You may think the new year has just begun, but according to Visions Art Gallery, it's already the end.

My painting "Last Ride" is part of their show "This is the End: Tales of the Apocalypse." Nice timing to show this piece again, as we bid farewell to Cowboy George!

Oops. Sorry I'm a bit late posting this... the opening was yesterday. It will be showing through 6 February. Visions Art Gallery, Medway, Massachusetts, 508-533-1369.