Friday, December 5, 2008


My scanner's decided to give me one more chance. Thanks, old buddy! All is forgiven!

It was probably not the nicest welcome back to hit the poor thing with such a tough job right away, scanning the new bookworm painting I did for Cameron Village Library. It took 7 scans to piece it all together... & the composite still isn't quite right, but close enough.

For an exhibit of my work at Cameron Village Library, Raleigh NC. An experiment in a semi normal format (huge for me, a mAniaturist at heart). It was sort of fun but I still prefer teensiness!

Acrylic on text (from an 1878 encyclopedia) on canvas, 12 x 24"


Juan said...


Valerie Jeanne said...

Wow, I love this one so much! Brilliant character, design and color. The library will be so pleased with this.

steve said...

I love looking at this piece - wow!! Yeah, scanner issues stink. I still don't know how to properly link images together -that, or just can't be bothered with it right now. If only I had a ton of cash to drop on a big scanner - they cost a fortune though!

Roberta said...

That's one cool book worm!!!

I used to live in Cary NC, just outside of Raliegh. I sometimes passed a place called Sippihaw Mower and Saw on my rounds. Beautiful place to live!

studio lolo said...

Wow, what a perfect venue for your work! Words and art=you! Voracious is a dapper fellow with a reputed appetite. I wish I could be a bookworm on the wall and see the exhibit and all it's (your) fans!
Congrats on the show, and thanks for stopping by.
Oh, And great choices for the random things! You have great taste in artists ;)

Koldo said...

Puzzle scanning. That happens to me all the time! I'm found a place to get large art scans in my town though but will never again use Sunset Postal: the gave me the final scan as a Bitmap!

Your painting is lovely, by the way. It would be great to see the original.

kslaughter said...

I haven't visited here for a while, but I'm back to catch up with what you're doing ; ). I LOVE this bookworm---no coke-bottle glasses for him! As always, I just adore your style---so unique.

Jericho said...

It was a lovely painting! i wish i could get some of the way, i will certainly follow your blog. goodluck!